Arissta 3D Proto Pvt. Ltd.

Who We Are

Arissta3D is a 3D printing company founded in January 2021 for bringing a difference in education, technology, and start-up space, by promoting and leveraging 3D printing technology in India. The genesis of Arissta3D started when Founders came across the application and usage of this technology in numerous ways. They strongly believe that 3D printing technology will disrupt the entire manufacturing industry and consumer experience perspective.

The mission of Arissta3D is to bring 3D printing technology within the reach of a common man in India by building useful applications around 3D printing technology and by creating awareness in the market on 3D printing technology with “Make in India” and “Atmanirbhar Bharat” framework. Arissta3D can be considered a one-stop-shop for all 3D related products and services. 

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Our Focus

Arissta3D as a start-up primarily focuses on the most trending technologies and solutions in the field of Additive Manufacturing. We also have our own 3D printers manufacturing setup producing different variants to cater to the needs of industry and individuals. Our “Make In India” printers are designed and capable of fulfilling the need of today’s industries. Our robust printers are not only easy to assemble and use but also give a unique look to your workspace and transform your creative ideas into reality.

Our Commitment 


We work closely with customers to meet their needs and become their trusted thinking partner. We strongly believe in a deep rooted relationship and leveraging relationship and networks.


We believe in delivery results in a quick turn around time so that our customer and get first mover advantages. We focus to add value to the products ensuring form, fit and function.


We listen carefully to our customers’ objectives and their challenges. We focus to build our solutions that meet their needs and provide delivery excellence.

Why Arissta 3D

Understanding the customer business ecosystem is key element for successfully delivering the project. Tell us your needs, desired functionality, the business methods used, and we can design and build the product perfectly fitting into your ecosystem. Our in-house printer variants are capable enough for delivering desired output.

We begin every relationship with a quick workshop with technical team to understand all product details. Conducting in-depth discussion about the short and long-term desires for your project help us to engage at all required stage to provide value addition. Differentiating between a core and non-core activities also become crucial for any overlapping of efforts.
We conduct a Scrum based project management where everyone works together innovatively and productively to solve complex problems. Each project will have a scrum master who connects between the product development team and the client, making sure that the whole process is transparent and smooth.
Create an Effective Action Plan is the key element for covering any risks. By the end of this phase, we works together with customer to sig-off the product development plan that accords with your project goals, timeline and budget.
We understand the criticality of thinking, and protecting your intellectual property rights becomes a must for any business. We understands this fact, and will guarantee that all your information, data, processes are well secured, protected, and guarded properly.

Some of Our Clients