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Innovative 3D Printing Solutions Tailored for your Industry

Aerospace & Defence

3D Printing Makes Patternless Production a Reality in the Aerospace Industry. The ability to 3D print intricate castings directly from 3D CAD files – which can be modified quickly to accommodate design changes – provides greater opportunities to design parts with aerospace applications.


3D printers allow you to create prototypes, models and products out of materials such as plastics and metals. The printers do this by creating layer upon layer of your design in your chosen material until the final product is formed.


3D printing can be used to make molds and thermoforming tools, rapid manufacturing of grips, jigs, and fixtures. This allows automakers to produce samples and tools at low costs and to eliminate future losses in production when investing in high-cost tooling.


On the other hand, 3D printing is a very precise manufacturing process. Whatever is designed is 3D-printed using the raw materials, no cutting down, no leftover material, no need to reprocess the materials. Therefore, it’s only an additive process and not subtractive.

Home Decor

This stackable hex drawers design is one of those fantastic DIY room decor ideas that is so obvious and so simple, you wish you’d thought of it yourself. It’s a modular design where you can 3D print as many hex drawers as you need, and then simply clip them together.


 Additive manufacturing has been used to produce hearing aids, replacement limbs, surgical implants, and detailed models of organs, bones, and blood cells. Access to this technology has greatly advanced the potentials of the medical field.


3D printers can help create an engaging learning environment by making subjects more exciting and fun. It creates an immersive experience and makes learning more hands-on, which encourages students to be more active. This technology promotes problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Our Management

Founder & CEO

Anubhab is an Industrial Engineer with over 17 years of experience in Engineering IT Sales and Technical Marketing.

Anubhab is the Co-Founder of Arissta 3D and several other successful engineering technology firms.

Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, he held positions with renowned global companies such as Tata Technologies, Ansys, and Hexagon group.

Anubhab excels in establishing new technology brands in India through innovative marketing strategies.

Mr. Anubhab Hazra
+91 9850885056

Sarang is an Production Engineer with more than 15 years of expertise in CAM/CAM Software.

As the Co-Founder of Arissta 3D Proto Pvt Ltd., Sarang brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the field of manufacturing.

His specialization lies in the NX CAD CAM Portfolio, where he has consistently delivered exceptional results.

Having honed his skills through collaborations with industry giants like Tata Elexi, Sarang is renowned for his proficiency in customer relations, ensuring client satisfaction remains at the forefront of his endeavours.

Mr. Sarang Borgaonkar
+91 9673123414

Founder & CTO

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